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The shape of a diamond is governed by a way it is cut, and good cutting, polishing, symmetry are collectively key to a beautiful gemstone. As techniques and the tools have developed the cuts have become more complex, resulting in a great variety of shapes.

The shape of a polished diamond is classified as either round brilliant cut, which refers to a round shape, or fancy cut which refers to every other cut.

Here are the traditional cuts of diamonds around today:

Round Brilliant Cut:

The round brilliant cut is the most popular today. They are the only shape to have the perfect proportions defined. It has set the standard for all other shapes today and accounts for of all diamonds sold around the world today.

Princess Cut:

The princess cut is often referred to as a square modified brilliant cut, as its faceting style is similar to a round brilliant. It combines the brilliance of a round cut to a more square or rectangle appearance. In total, princess cut diamonds can have as many as 49 to 78 facets but generally have 78 to produce a greater brilliance. Although know as a new cut it has become increasing popular due to its unique characteristics in style and brilliance.

Marquise Cut:

As legends show, King Louis XV of France wanted a unique diamond cut to mimic the shape of the smile of the Marquise of Pompadour. The marquise cut is a variation of the brilliant cut but with elongated ends that stretch it into an oval shape. Its elongated shape containing 56 facets gives this cut an ideal choice for rings as it flatters the finger with its slender form and regal appearance.

Emerald cut:

Emerald cut diamonds are amongst one of the popular fancy cuts. They are less fiery that a round cut diamond with longer lines and more dramatic flashes of light. It is important in Emerald cut diamonds to have a higher clarity grading as inclusions are more visible in the diamond.

Cushion cut:

Cushion cut diamonds have rounded corner and longer facets, which helps to increase their brilliance. It is more of a collaboration of round and square outlined diamonds. The shape of a cushion cut ranges from square to rectangular and has a very antique appearance.

Radiant cut:

The radiant cut has 70 facets and has the class of an emerald cut but all the brilliance of a round brilliant cut. The radiant cut tends to be more rectangular in appearance and is famous for its cut corners.

Pear shape:

The pear shape is a fancy cut that has a variation from the round brilliant cut. It is often referred to as a tear drop shape as it also has a combination of marquise and an oval cut.

The proportions of a pear shape diamond refract light very well but can differ in cutting styles. The shape can be wider, longer, and slimmer depending on the cut and personal choice.

Oval shape:

The oval shape diamond has the brilliance of a round diamond with 56 facets but is more elongated. It gives the unique characteristic in creating a flattering illusion of lengthening the hand. It has a larger surface area thus giving it the appearance of being a bigger stone

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